Artfuse is a marketplace for booking and organizing musical experiences.  Behind the scenes, we support musicians and match them with fair opportunities. Find out more below! Note on COVID-19: All of the bookings made here are COVID-proof, in line with local regulations.

Book an artist, act or musical gift anywhere, anytime. Live or virtual.

You can request a unique, custom musical experience for yourself, or a musical gift for a loved one or a colleague.
How? It’s simple – by filling out a quick form. We will handle the rest. You won’t be committed until after your confirmation.

You choose the setting, the genre and the music.
We’ll handle the rest.

Friends having dinner

Dinner party

Woman sitting behind laptop

Colleague surprise

Table with birthday cake

Birthday party

Grandmother hugging child

Serenade for grandma

How do I book?
3 steps is all it takes:

Fill out a quick request form

Let us know what you are looking for and who it is for by filling out a quick form.

Wait a few hours to hear back from us

Let us figure out what you are looking for, and who is the best fit for the job.

Confirm your booking or gift

Get our curated suggestions and quickly confirm your booking or gift.

Live music delivered right to your doorstep

Artfuse is the right place to enjoy, book or gift musical experiences – delivered to you, regardless of where you are. Discover new musicians and get inspired by them,

Why we chose to do what we do

Musicians are having a hard time, especially in the crisis due to COVID-19. That is why it is our mission to help musicians with reinventing themselves and by supporting them professionally, such as helping artists in getting noticed, finding fairly paid opportunities, and discovering useful tools and resources.

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