How to Do It Yourself: 5 Easy Musical Christmas Gifts

We are celebrating Christmas this year during a pandemic. 

For many of us this means: 

  • miss loved ones
  • economic crisis
  • more time at home
  • boredom

We have found the solution for that! As promised, today we show you some  nice gifts with a musical touch that you can make yourself or with the children. Good for boredom, good for the wallet and a unique surprise! ? 

1. Let’s get lyrical ?

This is what you will make:  a unique plate or cup with beautiful song lyrics on it.

You need this: 

  • an oven-safe plate or cup
  • a permanent marker
  • an oven

This is how you proceed: write your favorite song lyrics or a song that is especially for you on the crockery with the marker. Then put it in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes. This makes the text permanent and you have an original gift that will make you lyrical! Are you making this gift with your kids? Have them make a nice drawing for it. This way grandma enjoys her coffee all the more during Christmas.

2. Look at the stars, look how they shine for you ?

This is what you will make:  a beautifully painted vinyl record for on the wall.

You need this:

  • old vinyl record
  • white paint
  • paint brush

This is how you work: draw thin, whimsical lines outwards from where the black part starts in the middle. The intention is that the center becomes the sun. On the rest of the plate you put a lot of white dots, these are the stars. For the rest you can be creative. Draw the moon and some planets. Or draw the moon in its different phases. This is one of the easiest gifts to make and the result is beautiful! ? Of course you can also paint something else on it and create your own work of art. Do you have several children? Give them each their own plate and let the future Picassos and Van Goghs do their work!

3. Jingle Bells ?

This is a fun one for small kids. You can also make them cozy together!

This is what you will make:  a homemade instrument.

You need this:

  • firm twigs of about 15 cm
  • random pieces of colorful ribbon 
  • little bells

This is how you do it: tie the pieces of ribbon tightly around the twigs. Attach a bell to some pieces. Only tie ribbons on the top half so that the bottom can be used to hold the stick. You decide how many ribbons and bells you hang on it. Is there anything better than the music of a homemade Christmas instrument?

4. My heart melts for you ❤️

This is what you will make:  a bowl or flower pot made from a vinyl record.

You need this:

  • old vinyl record
  • oven
  • metal bowl or cooking pot

How to proceed: preheat the oven to 100 degrees. Place the plate on the metal bowl and place in the oven. After 5 minutes, the vinyl record will have adapted to the shape of your bowl, but slightly with waves. If you would like a slightly different shape, you can leave the plate a little shorter or longer. Keep a close eye on everything! Once your bowl is ready, you can put some treats in it or even use it as a flower pot. † Of course you can also just give it as is or decorate it with drawings that you or your child paint on it afterwards.

5. You are my light in the dark ?

This is what you will make:  a candle covered with sheet music.

You need this:

  • candles in a glass enclosure, such as prayer candles
  • sheet music you no longer use
  • pieces of burlap
  • thin rope like hemp rope
  • adhesive tape
  • scissors

This is how you proceed: carefully tear open the old sheet music. By tearing instead of cutting, you get a more vintage look. Wrap the sheet music around the glass jar so that it is completely covered. Stick everything well. Wrap a piece of burlap in the middle around the candle and tie the rope around it with a nice bow. Feel free to go around with the rope a few times, over the burlap. Make sure that no paper can reach the flame at the top by letting the glass edge rise just above the sheet music. Voilà, you have provided an extra light in these dark times! ?

Prefer a ready-made musical gift? A musical Christmas card, live stream or Christmas serenade in person? ? you will find it here!

Artfuse - Koffiemok met songtekst

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