How we got seed capital in 6 months

In these uncertain times, many sectors were hit hard. The irresistible cultural sector was previously under heavy fire and suffered all the more from corona. With Artfuse we want a  reaching out to artists by offering them fair opportunities  to develop itself. In addition, we want to offer people a light in these dark times by  live music accessible to everyone  and bring it into the living room.

Business Angels ?

To realize our project, we looked for external capital. In April we came into contact via VOKA with the Limburg coordinator of BAN Vlaanderen (Business Angels Network). We immediately submitted an application and pitched our business case to the Business Angels in May.

In mid-November, four Business Angels eventually joined our project. The capital round takes place in two phases. We have already completed the first, the second is based on milestones that we have set together and is expected to take place in April next year.     

Mission Impossible? Challenge accepted! ??

Raising start-up capital for starting entrepreneurs is not easy.  Capital for a project in the music sector, much less. Raising capital in the midst of a pandemic?  Almost impossible.

Many said we were embarking on a “mission impossible.” We are now happy that we persevered and that our four investors saw the same opportunities as we did. The corona crisis brought us many trials, but also some great opportunities. This is a time when everyone has to reinvent themselves in an industry that has been completely disrupted. Our investors understood our vision and goals and saw the opportunity to help build a new reality, one with  fair opportunities and music for everyone.

Fair and affordable ❤️

With this successful capital round, we are moving forward at full speed at a time when timing can make the difference more than ever. We are currently putting together a decisive team of passionate professionals and developing the technology that enables us to support many talented artists and organizations on an ongoing basis.

Artists can already use our technology to  own concerts and performances  organize via livestream and there  earn honest money. In addition, they increase their visibility with clients and partners.

Through our website you can  free of charge  register as an artist. Would you like to  book a live concert , then an artist can be in your living room in two ways: for yourself or as a gift. Doesn't that sound like music to your ears?

Would you like to know more about our capital round?

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