Artist in the Spotlight: The Sax Guys

Artfuse was born out of love for artists, so how else can we put our artists in the spotlight every now and then? As Paul Jambers used to say it so beautifully, we also ask ourselves: “Who are they, what do they do, what drives them?” The first artists we fired our questions at are The Sax Guys. As the name itself suggests, they play the saxophone.


Who are you and what do you do in life?

We are Kristan Dehertog and Wesley Capiau. We are both professionally active in the music sector. In addition to performances and events, we both also teach part-time art education. The nice thing about this is the variety and the way in which we can pass on our passion for music to others in education.

What is your favorite life motto?

Maya Angelou wrote: “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”. A beautiful quote, but also very important! Those breathtaking moments are in your own hands. You should try to get the most out of life that is in it.

When and how did “The Sax Guys” originate?

“The Sax Guys” was created in July 2017. Kristan and I have always had a broad taste in music, where we don't like to be pigeonholed. We play many different genres and styles of music. We quickly noticed that our concept was very popular with occasional events and that more and more requests were received. “The Sax Guys” was born!

Describe the route you have already taken together.

Kristan and I often talk about how we can't get rid of each other! Because although The Sax Guys was founded in 2017, we already go much further back in time. (as they often say: “We go wayyyy back” :D) It must have been September 2003, when we first met at the school gate of the Lemmens Institute's art high school.

After a few fun, even occasionally wild, high school years (no comment) we went together to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. There we started our professional music studies. It was also there that we founded the “Anemos Saxophone Quartet” together with two other friends. With Anemos we won several prizes, such as the Adolphe Sax competition in Dinant and the international chamber music competition in Luxembourg. We play at home and abroad and have recorded two full albums so far.

So I think you can say that Kristan and I have been an important part of each other's lives since our childhood. That friendship is the motor of our musical story. We hope this can last a long time.

What is it like to survive as an artist in these times?

Gosh, these are strange times… But although we miss the performances and events, maybe this period is also the moment when we can reinvent ourselves? We are therefore very pleased to be able to work with such an innovative partner as Artfuse, who offers us the opportunity to participate in wonderful new projects.

How did you come into contact with Artfuse?

Diethard Struelens, the founder and CEO of Artfuse, went to school with us at the Lemmens Institute. Diethard was very enterprising and proactive from an early age. We were therefore not surprised that he started with this success formula. When he gave us a call to propose a collaboration, we were immediately sold. It's also really nice that we haven't lost touch after all these years.

You participated in the Christmas campaign. Did you enjoy making this Christmas video?

Naturally! Christmas is also such a fun time. And admit it, who doesn't love hearing fun, well-known Christmas songs?

Did you get nice comments on this video?

Yes, of course! Like I said, most people like Christmas carols. When these are also played on people's favorite instrument, success is assured! (laughs)

How would you describe Artfuse to people who don't know us yet?

Reliable and innovative, but above all: a company with a passion for what they do and with expertise.

After reading this blog, are you also curious about the music of The Sax Guys? Take a quick look at this video and let yourself be enchanted!

Find out more about The Sax Guys here.

The Sax Guys

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