Artist in the spotlight: Sonny Vande Putte

Artfuse was born out of love for artists, so how else can we put our artists in the spotlight every now and then? As Paul Jambers used to say it so beautifully, we also ask ourselves: “Who are they, what do they do, what drives them?” This time we have listened to Sonny, our versatile singer of whom we are very proud! He is a lead singer, backing vocalist and studio singer. With his fun and original videos, he can put a smile on everyone's face!

Meet the one and only SONNY !!

Tell something about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Sonny Vande Putte. I have been performing my dream job for 15 years as a professional singer on very diverse projects, ranging from a street act like 'De Square Meter' to Europe's most authentic Queen tribute band 'Mother Mercury'. I also record a lot of music for other artists and vocal ensembles. You can listen to and view many of my recordings of the latter on my YouTube channel (

I am also active as a videographer with my company 'Moon Pigeon' ( With this I also create very diverse projects from music videos, via promos for companies and product advertisements to studio sessions for musicians and other artists.

How did you come into contact with Artfuse?

A few weeks ago I got a call from Diethard, the CEO of Artfuse, who spoke enthusiastically about his grand plans to bring music interactively to the people. Technology is of course advancing very fast and I had heard of similar initiatives before, but Diethard really showed it to me and I was immediately blown away by his enthusiasm and the possibilities of Artfuse.

Were you immediately enthusiastic about the platform?

Absolutely! I especially think the greeting cards are an incredibly cool idea. Everyone knows a greeting card, but the evolution of greeting cards is something that lingers on with nice texts and a beeping music when you open the card. This initiative really brings your map to life. I think it's very exciting, because it creates so many possibilities that have not yet been discovered.

What is it like to survive as an artist in these times?

I'd like to disguise it, but it's just tragic, even if you don't consider the financial aspect. I am fortunate that through hard work and difficult choices I am where I am today. During the past 15 years my career has been steadily increasing. Now I have been at home for a year and it is forbidden to live my dream. It sounds dramatic, but sometimes I feel like a plant that has run out of water. The performance itself, the social contact with your fellow musicians, the applause, the love between a musician and his audience, the teamwork, the entrepreneurial spirit, the euphoria after a successful performance, even the frustrations and problems that sometimes accompany a busy schedule... I miss it so much.

You had a very nice, playful Christmas video in which we always saw you in 4 images. Did you come up with this idea yourself? How did this work?

I've actually been making videos like this for over 12 years. It started as a tool to improve my singing technique. As a 16-year-old kid, I didn't dance or drink. I locked myself in my room and made endless audio recordings. I then listened to those recordings to evaluate what could be done better. Then I recorded new songs, trying to eliminate those specific areas for improvement. I owe 90% of my skills to that way of working.

On a certain recording, I thought of adding a video to it and that video ended up on YouTube. The responses were very instructive. It was also nice to see a community grow around my videos, so it quickly became more than a hobby. Before I knew it, I was asked to record a cappella pieces for quartets and choirs from America to Japan and that turned into a lucrative side hustle called 'SgtSonny Learning Tracks'.

People rarely realize it (and it's a good thing), but videos like this take up a lot of time. Studying music, recording 4  to 6 voices audio, mixing, recording video, editing and making everything into one easily takes 20 hours. I'm also a huge perfectionist, so that certainly doesn't make the whole process any easier. But even though it takes so long to make such videos, it's nice when people appreciate these videos and I can make them happy with it. So I do everything I can to make them as fun and entertaining as possible, so that people can get away from their frustrations and busy lives for a while.

How were the reactions to your Christmas video?

People generally respond positively to these kinds of videos and that's actually a really big reason why I keep making these videos. Especially in these times it has become a replacement for the performances. But I have to admit that the Christmas video has done exceptionally well. People were really excited. Probably because it is a very unconventional arrangement. There is something for everyone in it: body percussion, irregular and changing time signatures, jazzy chords, a big swing, ...

Zou je in de toekomst nog meewerken aan andere projecten van Artfuse?

Absolutely! Diethard has already contacted me for a birthday video and a video for Valentine's Day, so I'm still participating in upcoming projects. I think the collaboration went very well.

Do you also recommend it to other artists?

Sure! I get a very sympathetic vibe from artfuse. You are left very free in your musical choices and performances and everything is very transparent and with an exceptionally friendly and open communication. I'm a big fan!

Would you like to see Sonny in action? Then quickly click on this link.

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