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Saxophone quartet
"ἄνεμος (anemos) m. wind-storm-breath-soul-air stream-heart-personality-spirit" Kristan Dehertog - Lieve De Keyser - Kurt Bertels - Wesley Capiau

The Belgian Anemos saxophone quartet not only consists of 4 passionate musicians, but also 4 best friends. Other assets are their youthful enthusiasm and of course the love for their instrument. 

Founded in 2009 at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Anemos has built up a solid reputation over the years, finding their place in the classical music world, always receiving high praise for their musicality and warm personality as an ensemble. Together and separately they studied saxophone, chamber music and music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the LUCA school of Arts Leuven, and the “Conservatoire Régional de Cergy-Pontoise” in France. 

Anemos has given concerts in various places over the years. For example, they played in Zagreb, Saint-Nazaire, Belgrade, Amersfoort, Maastricht and Kaunas, Lithuania.

The quartet often collaborates with orchestras and choirs. They played the Belgian premiere of “Jeu de Cartes” for saxophone quartet and orchestra by composer Bart Picqueur. With the choir “Eigenwijs” she made the production “Opposites Attract”, and with the Dutch chamber choir “Sequens” Anemos performed Gabriel Fauré's Requiem. 

The Anemos saxophone quartet has won several prizes, including 1st prizes at the well-known Adolphe Sax competition in Dinant, the “EMCY International Chamber Music Competition” and the “Youth 'n Classic Competition” organized by the Klarafestival. 

Their debut album “Through Time” received critical acclaim. Klassiek Centraal, for example, spoke the famous words: “these are sounds in sui generis 'from the belly' that occasionally cause goosebumps in those who are sensitive to them. Always a good sign.” The music on their second album “Klapzoen” tells the heartbreaking story about composers influenced by the “Great War”. This CD was released with a collection of poems, in which the music forms the soundtrack for the poetic words of the poet Geert Vanhassel, as it were. 

The main goal of the Anemos Saxophone Quartet remains unchanged after all these years of making music: to breathe new life into this Belgian invention. They do this by renewing the repertoire with unique arrangements, collaborating with other art forms and of course making everyone as in love with that wonderful instrument as they are themselves.

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