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Arfuse is the platform for booking and organizing musical experiences. We make every effort to make the lives of musicians and suppliers easier. In addition, we specifically look for fairly paid opportunities.

As everyone knows, the music sector has been hit hard by the consequences of the corona crisis. With Artfuse we offer an answer to this by bringing players together on the market and passing on assignments. A listing of your company on our website is free of charge via 'Application suppliers'. A collaboration with Artfuse is also possible, via our Biz subscription. More information can be found under 'Subscriptions'.

The difference between bookings and events

  • Bookings: customers can use the services your company offers, such as locations, light & sound, stage construction or event management
  • Events: the artist or customer organizes a musical event themselves that may require services from your company, or you need musical talent for which we can make a proposal

Do you want to become part of our supplier database? You can do this for free via 'Subscriber registration'. Do you want to organize an event yourself or do you have another idea? This can also be done for free via 'Organize an event'.

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