Q & A

Can I make a customized booking through Artfuse?

Sure. You can submit a request for a customized booking via the booking form. We will review this internally and get back to you with a proposal.

Are your artists paid fairly?

Yes, all artists we work with are paid fairly. We work with transparent, fair contracts. We would like to refer to our core values on the About Us page.

Does it cost money to be on the Artfuse website as an Artist or Supplier?

No, a profile on Artfuse is free for artists and suppliers. We do have subscriptions for artists, suppliers and training institutes, after which we start a collaboration. More information about this can be found under Greenroom.

Is your Artfuse Live concept only for Companies?

Artfuse Live is a total experience around live music, food and drinks. This concept is available for both companies and individuals. For more information, please visit the Artfuse Live page.

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